Psychoemotional Correction
The human body reflects the state of mind. All the positive and negative thoughts, emotions, feelings, everything that happens in the soul - is reflected in the physical body. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions affect on our health. 95% of all diseases are the result of psycho-emotional problems. That's why we can't ignore the psycho-emotional human state in the process of health resumption.

What is standing in a human's way of being healthy and happy?
Very often there are negative views, attitudes, beliefs and judgments, formed throughout human's life, which are hiding at the back of mind and are blocking self-enrichment. If they are "living and accumulating" in the subconscious, then is human more distressing (depression, panic attacks, fears). Negative emotions are taking from 60 to 95% of human energy, culminating they are by soul and bode diseases manifested.

Applied kinesiology methods help us to discover the key emotions and to choose the psycho-emotional correction treatment course, and to exonerate the soul from the negative beliefs / attitudes, get inner freedom.

Inner freedom is a harmony with oneself, the ability to control own behavior, thoughts and life, a sense of emotional balance and harmony.
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