Diagnosis and treatment
We were the first in Ukraine to create a specialized room for rehabilitation treatment, combining advanced methods of alternative medicine.
What is the main reason for visiting doctor? Of course - it's pain. There are many causes of pain. It comes out of accident, inflammation, toxication etc. Pain is the alarm, warning the human about the problem, which body cannot overcome itself. If we don't find out the causes of pain and prescribe a drug, then we "shut up" the body without helping it. That's why it is so important to find and understand the real reason of pain and after that to use the most suitable cure. Simple example - back pain. How to find out and understand what brings pain on:vertebra, intervertebral cartilage, ligaments, muscles or something else? What is the way of pain. Is the pain cause or consequence? It's interesting to know, that answer all this questions can the patient themselves because his body hides nothing and knows all the truth about itself. The doctor's task is to learn "body language" understanding.
We were the first in Ukraine to create a specialized cabinet of rehabilitation treatment "MedAlternativa", combining advanced methods of alternative medicine.
Our philosophy
We are working for those people, who are tired of mindlessly swallow various "magic pills" and remove "unnecessary" organs
We are saving from the risky herniated disk surgeries and from the other spinal diseases
We are giving a chance to avoid surgical treatment, if it is possible
We are treating for musculoskeletal system illness effectively and painless, using mild manual techniques, Su Jok and Cranio-sacral therapy
We are consciously avoiding chemotherapy (allopathic) drugs prescribing, we are thinking they are "man-made" and not natural drugs
We help to be healthy, look after health and we are teaching people to do this
We are correcting dietary pattern and selecting physical activities
If you understand and share our philosophy, you have a possibility to visit us
Our services
Your health point definition by Apanasenko G.L
Instant diagnosis of body dysfunction
Early dysfunction detection, disease prevention and comprehensive treatment all year classes patients with various illnesses
Individual selection correction scheme of detected dysfunctions
Metabolic correction of body imbalances with phytopreparations, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, homeopathic medicines and pharmaceuticals
Diagnostics, treatment and prevention of spine problems and arthropathy with using of noninvasive methods
Cranio- sacral therapy
Su Jok therapy
Manual therapy
Scanning laser therapy
Kinesio Taping
Vacuum massage
Abilities testing
Individual selection of homeopathic medicines
Psychoemotional correction
Studying at "HEALTH SCHOOL"
Consultations by
Applied kinesiology expert
Cranio-sacral therapist
Su Jok therapist
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