Progressive methods of rehabilitation treatment

First, in Ukraine, specialization of specialty cabinets of the latest technology was completed, and the most advanced methods of alternative medicine were adopted.
Official medicine has long recognized the effectiveness of muscle testing. Degrees in applied kinesiology, as well as courses in practical kinesiology are offered in all highly developed countries: USA, Australia, Europe (France, Austria, England, Germany, Cyprus, Italy), Ireland, New Zealand, Russia, Canada and many others.
Set of nosodes of biomarkers "INFLAMMATION"
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"Determining the LEVEL OF YOUR HEALTH" by Apanasenko GL
"Express diagnosis of dysfunctions of the whole organism"
"Comprehensive restoration of the musculoskeletal system"
"Correction of metabolic disorders"
"Life without back pain"
"Healthy spine"
"Healthy joints"
"Optimization of body weight"
"Optimization of body weight"
"Teaching the basics of applied kinesiology in the" SCHOOL OF HEALTH "
"Individual training programs"
Natural wellness programs
School of health
The training program consists of four consecutive modules and is designed for one year of full-time and part-time distance learning. Classes are held once a quarter. The modular system will allow beginners to gain new knowledge in the field of health, and specialists - to improve existing knowledge and supplement it with an effective tool - the technique of manual muscle testing. Each module consists of theoretical and practical classes.
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