Manual Therapy
Manual therapy- therapeutic action, which are used in the methods of the physiological range joints kinesis in order to maintain the normal structure and function of the motor apparatus.

The main tasks of manual therapy are: correction of musculo-skeletal system disturbance, joints flexibility improvement, muscle tone normalization, formation of compensatory reactions on the part of individual muscle groups, training of rational static-dynamic homeostatis mechanism, positive influence on the psycho-emotional state, gravitational relief of spinal column, the non-specific stimulation of the immune system.
Oncopathology any localization
Severe bone osteoporosis
Acute infectious diseases
Inflammatory bones and joints diseases
Acute injuries and fractures
Specific infection of any localization
Spondylolisthesis, severe spinal column instability
Spinal disc herniation (complicated)
Acute bleeding and blood diseases
Visceral disease in decompensation stage
Dermal diseases
Age over 65 years
Acute cerebrovascular disease (in the early period)
Bone anomaly
Post neurosurgery status
The negative patient's attitude to the method of treatment
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